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The Art World Is Embracing Modern Technologies

The Art World Is Embracing Modern Technologies

Ever evolving information technologies have disrupted major industries and continue to reshape the landscape of our society, with the art world certainly being no stranger to this phenomenon a handful of visionary artists and leading connoisseurs have expanded their reach and grown their footprint exponentially.

Social networks have generated a significant area of opportunity, with global buyers making more informed decisions and creators being able to leverage the vast power of these platforms to bridge gaps between themselves and their audiences.

While maintaining an active and relevant presence on platforms like Instagram does require a considerable amount of work, it provides increased opportunities for the art world savants to interact amongst themselves, expanding purchase and promotional opportunities for artists around the globe and ushering in an exciting new era.

Jeremy Larner, a private art dealer and president of New York based JKL Worldwide, has made it a point to be where his clients are. “I really think Instagram is the way of the future. Having the ability to market works through such a visually stimulating and engaged platform is a major asset for someone in the art world. I’m constantly checking Instagram to scan for new artists and see what other people are talking about and paying attention to,” Larner said.

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