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A Revolution In Urban Mobility Powered By Mate Bike

A Revolution In Urban Mobility Powered By Mate Bike

Hailing straight from Copenhagen, the cycling capital of the world a new and revolutionary vehicle has changed the landscape of urban mobility, enabling thousands of people to lead an eco friendly lifestyle way while enhancing their daily transportation routine.

For the creative minds behind Mate, a new kind of bicycle, the mission was never to develop a new product; But rather to create an effective, attractive and cutting edge solution to a problem faced by millions of people.

Founded in 2016 by the siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton who want to engage today’s challenges of dense traffic congestion, climate change and health issues in general by creating unique, fun and affordable electric bicycles.

Christian has an entrepreneurial background with vast experience in procurement, sourcing and e-commerce, whereas Julie has an academic background as an Associate Partner at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, just as she has worked with sustainable solutions and urban planning.

Largely supported by crowdfunding, this innovative start up has built a reputation of excellence for itself in a quick and unsurmountable manner by offering attractive terms and friendly options to its users, democratizing the eBike market and bringing a cool and sexy factor along.

So say goodbye to traffic jams and say hello to your new Mate.


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