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How Isa Jaime Became Latin America´s New Fashion Icon

How Isa Jaime Became Latin America´s New Fashion Icon

The twenty-something beauty blogger turned international top model is no stranger to the glitz and glamour of the fashion world – in fact, Isa studied fashion design in Spain and fashion styling at the prestigious L´Institut Marangoni in Paris – so it should come as no surprise that the Mexican glamour icon has found her way to the upper echelons of the industry.

Isabel Jaime (or Isa, as her friends affectionately call her) is also one of the youngest female CEO´s in Latin America, successfully scaling her two companies: Radstate – a chic and refreshing line of refined California inspired street wear – and J´aime Beauty. The young entrepreneur´s French roots on both her mother and father´s side have certainly inspired Ms. Jaime to create a myriad of riveting and compelling products, targeted at highly discerning and fashion conscious consumers around the world.

Boasting an impressive following of nearly two hundred thousand fans on her official Instagram® profile, the breathtaking beauty and warm personality of Isa Jaime have effectively catapulted her to new heights this year.

Her love of family, friends, fashion and her adored Chihuahuas (Bardot and Olivia) have guided this young star and helped her shine brighter than ever.

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