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Unconventional is Better: Why This Model Chooses Authenticity Over Conformity

Unconventional is Better: Why This Model Chooses Authenticity Over Conformity

If eating ice cream for breakfast is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Plus, I can just run it off later. Hey I’m Glory Cilicia, also known as @glorydayzzz. I turned to modeling, almost as an outlet rebelling against the conventional 9-5 space like many, I was made to believe this was the way life is supposed to be lived. Honestly, I don't think humans were designed to sit behind a desk 60 hours a week, and I’m fortunate enough to only have to sit behind a desk for half that time now.

The rest of my time is spent creating art, modeling, and being an outdoor enthusiast with a ridiculously positive attitude at all times. I think this balance is what has kept me so well-rounded and open to new experiences. When it comes to art, I usually paint portraits. I find people are always the most fascinating and complex subjects. To be able to capture someone's energy and essence in a specific moment in time and then transfer that onto a canvas is a challenge I look forward to. Being passionate about something that doesn’t feel like work with an end result I’m content with is satisfying and gives me a sense of accomplishment, at least until I start work on the next piece…

Like painting, modeling is another outlet that lets me express myself creatively. It's about being comfortable in your own skin, transforming into different roles and collaborating with talented people that push you to be better. With nature, I get a thrill out of traveling through uncharted territories. Nothing good ever comes easy. It can be a struggle hiking up mountains and sometimes you get lost but it’s worth conquering the distance. In the wilderness anything can happen but you have to get out of your comfort zone to really find out what you’re made of. That’s why I continue pursuing these passions.

Overall, it's important to be compassionate wherever life takes you and don't conform, some rules are better off broken. Not all classrooms have 4 walls, and my life experiences are what have defined and challenged me most. The worst thing for your brain, and to watch it deteriorate quickly, live the same routine day to day until you die. Balance is key.

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