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Breakthrough Top Model Weronika Gorczyca Shares Conscious Insights Through the Pandemic

Breakthrough Top Model Weronika Gorczyca Shares Conscious Insights Through the Pandemic

For fashion lovers, discovering breakthrough new talent can be a compelling experience, however, for these new iconic figures to become a permanent fixture within the hyper-competitive world of high fashion looks are often not enough; Fortunately a new generation of thought leaders and trendsetters are taking charge and disrupting the status quo.

A pertinent example is intellectual fashion model Weronika Gorczyca, who has still made use of this unfortunate period of time to make gains on her mental health and personal growth.

A former Vogue cover model, Weronika has prioritized her health and the solidarity of her family amidst the turbulence.

While she understands- and herself feels- a strong draw to return to normalcy, she’s becoming a role model for how fashion’s top girls can still contribute to the culture and keep the flow and spirit of fashion- making even while we focus our attention inwardly.

“One of the hidden blessings I’ve got from the pandemic, is that this period of time has forced us to come to terms with things we’ve been putting off and arrive at a healthier, happier state of mind. When we return to our normal lives, this will only further enhance our performance. So let’s keep fashion alive through healing our egos and show that fashion does care about the environment and humanity.”

This is something Weronika is passionate about sharing to not only her fans, but also to the fashion- wide community so that a broader discourse can be started on what we can do now- through communication, support, and compassion- to not only heal but strengthen our purpose to succeed despite the difficulty and do so together.

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