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Revealed: How OKS Skincare Just Became Your Best New Wingman, Why Moisturizing Matters And How To Slay The Summer.

Revealed: How OKS Skincare Just Became Your Best New Wingman, Why Moisturizing Matters And How To Slay The Summer.

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I found ourselves caught up in a rather spirited discussion about the modern dating world.
Boy, has the game changed! Social media is now the commanding officer to whom we must answer to, if we want to have any shot at maintaining a dignified stance in the digital jungle of today.

For most guys – this writer included – things like picking out the right outfit when going out to a club or choosing the perfect cologne for a particular outing are basic rules if you´re in the game; However, as the more illuminated members of any self-respecting entourage would tell you: the devil is in the details.

If you´ve hit the gym, studied up on current affairs and have at least a few hundred bucks to your name, chances are you might feel pretty confident in your ability to exert a certain degree of influence across the dating scene; The truth is that without an all-encompassing strategy and the rituals and routines that go along with it, you simply don´t stand a chance anymore.

Polls have shown that people will associate the texture and look of another individual´s skin to their health and desirability levels; So it should come as no surprise that guys today are becoming more conscious and diligent when it comes to following the proper procedures in the skincare department.

When getting ready for the summer and all the social gatherings that come with it, you need to be focused on targeting the main priorities, and if we´re talking about your skin, moisturizing is the number one item on the agenda – One Knight Stand´s hydrating moisturizer is our go-to resource when we absolutely need our skin to feel and look its best, thanks to its faultlessly rounded blend of caffeine, sea salt and niacinamide, which provides an extra layer of confidence before a big night out on the town.

But if you´re looking to absolutely slay the season, then we must insist that you only look in one direction: The 3 step skincare collection by One Knight Stand. This marquee box set is a premium grade turnkey solution for all your skincare needs which does not only include the hydrating moisturizer, but also two key precursors for the ideal skincare routine: the gel cleanser and the vitamin C repair serum.

We recently interviewed the founders of OKS Skincare and here´s what they shared with us:

What would you say to men who don´t take good care of their skin? How can One Knight Stand improve their daily routines?

Skincare is such an important role in people's daily routine and we finally think most men have taken notice to that. We live in a world where you are constantly out in the sun and dealing with the daily stresses of life.

When you get older you can see the physical changes to your appearance because of these various factors. Most men believe skincare takes too much time and they need 10 different products to see a difference, but that is in fact not true.

That´s why we developed a 3 step process. It allows men to take care of their skin in a minimal amount of time so they can get on with their busy lifestyles. Skincare should be easy and not confusing. At the end of the day a little part of confidence starts with how you view yourself in the mirror. If we can make the smallest impact in someone's day, then that's a win to us.

Which product would you recommend for a first time consumer who might be getting started in the world of premium skincare?

Ideally you would like to try out all the products at once. But if you are skeptical and want to get your feet wet in the skincare world then you need to try our Vitamin C Serum.

This product is multifunctional allowing for superior hydration and may help with evening your skin tone

We have seen a lot of love for One Knight Stand across social media, what has been the key to positioning your products as the best alternative within their market segment?

I believe this all falls in line with our imagery. We want to create marketing materials that are relevant to anyone even if they aren't interested in the skincare world.

We have been lucky to work with great photographers and models who truly believe in our brand and love the product.

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