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Victoria Kennedy: The Unstoppable Force Behind the Top PR Firm in the Industry, Announces Revolutionary 'Authority Creator Program' for Busy CEOs

Victoria Kennedy: The Unstoppable Force Behind the Top PR Firm in the Industry, Announces Revolutionary 'Authority Creator Program' for Busy CEOs

The last few years have been an extraordinary time for the PR industry, with the global pandemic causing a significant shift in the way businesses communicate and connect with their audiences. Victoria Kennedy, CEO and Founder of the top PR firm in the Industry, has not only navigated these challenges with ease but is also announcing her revolutionary 'Authority Creator Program', set to revolutionize the industry.

Victorious PR is a full-service PR agency that helps businesses get featured in industry-specific media, local press, podcasts, and top publications to be seen as industry leaders in their fields, having won numerous awards such as Youngest Agency to Make The List of The PRNEWS 2023 Agency Elite Top 100 and #1 Fastest Growing Agency in the US by PRovoke Media’s 2022 Global PR Agency Rankings.

Victoria Kennedy has a background in both the business and entertainment industries. After a successful career as a classical singer and an extended stay in Europe where she was consistently touring and performing alongside top-selling artists, she returned to the U.S.

Here, she transitioned into the real estate industry before launching Victorious PR. The PR agency specializes in working with founders, entrepreneurs, crypto projects, and other professional elites, publishing them in top publications and getting them spots on A-list podcasts following their Victorious PR Proven Framework.

Opening The Doors For Businesses of All Sizes

Victorious PR has traditionally been known as an elite public relations agency catering to high-profile clients who already have established marketing campaigns in place and are experiencing success in their respective industries. However, the agency is now adding to its offerings, opening its doors to a wider range of clients who may not have had the time or resources to invest in done-for-you PR packages in the past.

This new approach is a reflection of the agency's core values of integrity and inclusivity, as well as its belief that all businesses, regardless of size or resources, deserve the opportunity to communicate their message effectively to their target audience.

In line with this new direction, Authority Creator offers a more flexible and cost-effective solution for clients who have not had the chance to invest in PR before. Authority Creator is a learning program and membership that allows busy CEOs and business owners to hand off the task of PR to their internal teams and assistants. This effectively enables the business to handle PR for itself without the need to hire an outside agency.

The program is designed to provide teams with the same level of strategic and expert guidance as traditional PR services, while also empowering them to take control of their PR efforts and manage their budgets in the most efficient and effective way possible.Kennedy’s goal is to empower these businesses to grow and succeed in their respective industries, especially in the face of the recession.

“Every single day, my team meets amazing business leaders with inspiring stories that deserve to be shared with the world,” Kennedy shared. “For one reason or another, those people are not able to sign up for our flagship PR packages. At the same time, these busy CEOs are way too busy to do PR for themselves with everything else on their plates. We saw a hole in the market: Busy CEOs with modest business budgets — and no extra time on their hands — who deserve to have their story told. With Authority Creator, the task gets completely removed from the CEO and puts the impetus on a team member or members. We walk them through the ropes to create their own internal PR firm for their company!”

PR Mastery at Your Fingertips: Comprehensive Program Contents

Sounds great, right? Let’s go over everything this new program, unveiling this year, has to offer.

Authority Creator is an all-in-one program, taught by experienced PR pros that work on Victorious PR campaigns every day, that gives your team all the tools, resources, and knowledge it needs to become your personal one-stop-shop for PR for your business.

The program, which has a ton of extra bells and whistles, is divided into four modules that cover various aspects of PR and media relations, including building a personal brand, getting featured in top publications and podcasts, leveraging press coverage to increase visibility and credibility, and leveraging social media to boost authority.

The program begins by focusing on using social media to ‘funnel’ people into your core offer and establish your credibility and authority. The course covers topics such as brand story creation, profile funnel, and journalist discovery.

Participants will then learn how to spread their message to the right people in the media and how to pitch journalists in the most effective way.

The third portion of the program gets to the meat and potatoes: How to get published for free and how to take on the big names that will get you even more exposure and credibility like Inc., Entrepreneur, and more. The course covers topics such as building a portfolio of work, being featured on podcasts, and earning media.

Finally, members learn the all-important skill of leveraging their press coverage to become #1 in your field. This section covers best practices, tech tips, and target audience interaction.

The program also includes bonus content such as exclusive masterclasses with top professionals in the field, a 3-day kick-off mini challenge, three group coaching sessions per week with Victorious PR department heads, and printable assets and tools.

Building Authority: The Bonuses

Most courses offer simple modules and not much else, or charge a hefty premium for one-on-one extra help. Authority Creator is designed to spoon feed everything to the student, so that they can succeed even and especially if they have no prior PR experience.

The first thing a new member will experience is a challenge, where the Authority Creator program outlines step by step how to get their CEO published in as little as three days. They will also gain exclusive and instant access to a Facebook group where they can take advantage of press opportunities, exclusively obtained by Victorious PR and other giant PR firms, before they are released to the public.

“Members will even have the opportunity to tap into my exclusive black book of industry contacts,” Kennedy shared. “It features over 100 top editors from leading magazines that I worked to build from the ground up when I was doing my own PR as a classical singer in Europe. I want to give you direct access to the decision-makers at some of the most prestigious publications in the world.”

Plus, there will be three group coaching calls per week, led by the senior members of the Victorious PR team, providing members with the opportunity to take their PR efforts to the next level. The purpose of these calls is to give members insights into strategies and tactics used by the pros who do it for a living. They can meet and network with other students, and will have the chance to meet with CEO Victoria Kennedy once a month.

Editorial calls with Victorious PR's Editor in Chief will provide personalized feedback and guidance on writing for members, including reviewing strengths and weaknesses, providing feedback, and exploring different writing styles.

The firm’s Head of PR or Kennedy herself will discuss PR efforts with students, set goals, review and provide feedback on communication materials, discuss media outreach and pitching, handle crisis situations, and discuss new media and digital PR opportunities.

Social Media coaching calls will include the Senior Social Media Manager reviewing and analyzing Authority Creators' social media presence, setting goals, offering feedback and suggestions, providing knowledge and tips on best practices, creating and managing a content strategy, and recommending resource materials for further knowledge on social media marketing.

Victorious PR's Executive Brand Strategist will review members' brand, provide feedback and suggestions, explore branding techniques, develop a plan, offer guidance and provide resources to improve your team's brand strategy.

These leaders will cycle through each week, giving Authority Creators the opportunity to get as much exposure to each topic as they need.

Curious about the pro masterclasses? We only have leaked information so far, but we can confirm that top podcaster Lou Diamond, former host of and Inc. Philip Lanos, Editor of Forbes Monaco Dustin Plantholt, and Reality 411 publisher Linda Pliagas are just some of the names on the list.

It really doesn’t get much better than that. Opening the doors to small businesses whose founders are often highly interesting, inspiring, and more than deserving of seeing their names in the proverbial lights is one of the most exciting things we are anticipating for 2023.

About Victoria Kennedy

Victoria Kennedy is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and well-respected authority in public relations. She is the CEO of Victorious PR, an award-winning, multi-million dollar PR agency that has helped dozens of entrepreneurs become the #1 Authority in their niche by getting them featured in top podcasts and press. To gain more credibility and authority in your market, please visit

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