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Traditional Footwear With A Twist: Discover The New Major Trend In Fashion.

Traditional Footwear With A Twist: Discover The New Major Trend In Fashion.

In the sprawling, vibrant bazaars of central Mexico's Jalisco and Michoacan, a group of artisans breathe life into an age-old craft - the creation of handwoven huarache sandals.

Originally a humble footwear for field workers, the huarache has over time evolved into a symbol of national identity and now, thanks to Francisco Alvarez and Oscar Yapor, a fashion statement that spans continents. This is the stirring narrative of Espiritu, the brand that began as a love for traditional artisanal fashion and flourished into a global emblem of sustainability and cultural preservation.

The Espiritu tale begins with the fateful discovery of these artisans, a group of women, their hands skillfully weaving their personal magic into footwear. For them, the creation of huarache sandals was not just a means to preserve their traditional craft, but a way to construct a better future for their children. Their determination, spirit, and talent struck a chord with Francisco and Oscar, who were then just visitors in awe of the local artisanal prowess.

“We’ve always been very interested in the fashion industry. From a young age we’ve both been known for having a particular style and eye for fashion and trends.” - Francisco and Oscar affirm.

Returning home to Denver with their huaraches, the pair soon found their footwear becoming a conversation starter, catching the eyes of friends and strangers alike. As interest peaked, the realization hit - these painstakingly crafted, authentically Mexican huaraches were hard to find in the digital or physical market.

This scarcity, combined with their increasing passion for the craft, led to an entrepreneurial epiphany. Contacting the artisans they had met, Francisco and Oscar placed their first order, intending to sell these unique sandals at local craft and farmers markets. This side hustle, they hoped, would help them pay off their student loans a bit faster and offer a small source of revenue.
But the duo had underestimated the appeal of their venture. The community's response was a tidal wave of positive reinforcement, encouraging them to quit their corporate jobs, relocate to Los Angeles and Mexico City, and plunge headfirst into their thriving enterprise, Espiritu.

Today, Espiritu's products grace over 130 stores across the USA, and an e-commerce platform that's sold over 50,000 pairs of huarache sandals worldwide. But numbers tell only part of the story. For Francisco and Oscar, Espiritu is about community impact, sustainability, and cultural appreciation.

The brand has grown from collaborating with just nine artisans in 2018 to an inspiring network of 247 artisans. Espiritu's dedication to sustainable fashion led to the introduction of eco-friendly materials and creative initiatives like recycling hospital IV bags into sandal soles.

“We’d also like to share that we recently started doing research and testing our manufacturing practices with sustainable materials. We recently partnered up with a local hospital recycling their IV bags and turning them into the soles for our huarache sandals.” - Oscar and Francisco stated.

Espiritu continues to redefine the global fashion narrative, fueled by Francisco's artistic vision and Oscar's keen attention to detail. While Francisco is busy creating a new line for Espiritu and designing their flagship store in Mexico City, Oscar is expanding Espiritu into new markets, introducing lean manufacturing practices, and broadening their e-commerce reach.

The story of Espiritu's success against all odds serves as an inspiration for individuals who relish vision and tenacity. The brand that Francisco, Oscar and hundreds of artisans have created, is a testament to the fact that success isn't just about monetary gains—it's about making a difference, preserving heritage, and changing lives. Follow their journey on Instagram @espirituculture.

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