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Women stars in cinema and society: iSwiss Pay sponsor of Catalyst Studio event

Women stars in cinema and society: iSwiss Pay sponsor of Catalyst Studio event

Women as protagonists in all roles of cinema and beyond: to celebrate women's contribution to society, one of the most interesting events of the Venice Film Festival, now in its 80th edition, was dedicated to them.

Catalyst Studio organized an evening that focused precisely on the role of women in cinema: an evening sponsored by iSwiss Pay. This Canadian company is part of the Swiss banking group iSwiss, which took place at the prestigious terrace of the Venice Biennale.

"Pride to Women": this was the title of the event organized by Catalyst Studio, which hosted a panel of the highest level: among the participants were Mariette Rissenbeek, director of the Berlinale, and Laura Delli Colli, president of the Silver Ribbons.

The prestigious location made the guests, prominent figures in film, culture, society and finance, feel perfectly at ease, allowing them to celebrate the event, which coincided with the completion of the production of as many as six Catalyst Studio films, to the fullest.

More and more attention is being paid to the role of women in all fields and the contribution they can make to advance society: and Catalyst Studio plays an essential game in this regard in the film industry. In fact, since its creation, this film production company has been characterized by a precise vision: promoting the talent of women involved in film and opening up the different roles to their creativity.

This example certainly deserves to be followed, perhaps even by Hollywood majors, because it represents a decisive and concrete step toward gender equality, which is still far from being fully achieved in many areas.

A choice that has also proved to be a success from a commercial point of view: the very fact that it has managed to complete as many as six films in a single year is a respectable achievement for Catalyst Studio.

And for iSwiss Pay to be able to participate as a sponsor in the event of such significance is a real honor, as Christopher Aleo, CEO of the iSwiss Group, who attended the evening, pointed out.

"Gender equality, valuing diversity and inclusiveness are also topics of great importance to the iSwiss Group. Promoting women's work should be a must in every sector of society, including finance."

Like Catalyst Studio, this has been a successful period for the iSwiss Group, both in securitizations and new acquisitions, which aim to grow the Swiss giant's service reach in all countries. In particular, the acquisition of a prestigious Swedish bank appears to be on the home stretch, enabling iSwiss to increase its operations in the stock market.

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