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Unicoin Amasses Real Estate Portfolio by Paying 140% for Properites

Unicoin Amasses Real Estate Portfolio by Paying 140% for Properites
Unicoin Inc, Eden Resort, acquired by Unicoin in the largest crypto for real estate deal.

Unicorn Hunters show is stepping into the spotlight with its official cryptocurrency, Unicoin, marking a transformative approach to real estate transactions. This strategic move signifies more than a company's preference for digital currency; it is a redefinition of investment norms, a direct challenge to traditional practices, and a clear signal that change is here.

The concept is straightforward yet revolutionary: trading real estate for cryptocurrency, sidestepping cash altogether. This shift is not about following trends; it is about setting them. Unicoin offers 140% of a property's market value, but the payout is in unicoins. Investors jump on this offer, showing their confidence in the cryptocurrency's long-term viability.

This innovative approach has real-world implications, as evidenced by the recent acquisition of the Eden Grand Resort. This luxury property's purchase did not involve traditional financing or multimillion-dollar wire transfers. Instead, Unicoin is paying 671,206,755 unicoins, equivalent to $335.6 million. This deal-making method is more than unconventional; it is record-setting investment of real estate assets in a crypto croject.

But why would Unicoin offer 140% in Unicoins for real estate? The answer lies in the crypto market's performance. When traditional real estate showed signs of depreciation for the first time in a decade, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin reported an astronomical 9,000,000% growth over the last ten years. Unicorn Hunters sees this not as an anomaly but as an indicator of what is possible.

However, the company's investment criteria are selective. Unicoin's program excludes several property types, including distressed properties, swamplands, contaminated lands, primary residences, timeshares, and partially owned properties. This exclusivity ensures a streamlined focus on high-value, uncomplicated assets conducive to their business model's crypto-nature.

Participation in this innovative real estate program requires understanding its restrictions. There is a catch for US residents: you must be an accredited investor. However, this requirement does not apply to international property owners, widening the pool of potential participants. Interestingly, property location is not a barrier. The company's unique offer is open to properties with strong and reliable property rights laws in any jurisdiction.

At its core, Unicoin represents Unicorn Hunters' broader mission to democratize wealth. This ethos is about dismantling barriers between everyday investors and pre-IPO investment opportunities. By accepting real estate in exchange for Unicoins, they are expanding investment avenues, potentially creating a ripple effect across global investment practices.

The strategy is more than theory; it is being tested in real-time. Property owners like Mr. Adnan, who entered this uncharted territory, are not just taking a financial step but joining a movement. These early adopters may be the trendsetters as digital currency becomes increasingly integral in asset markets.

What Unicorn Hunters proposes is a new perspective. They are not merely suggesting that digital currency has a place in real estate; they demonstrate that it does. They project that the crypto market's current rally is more than a temporary spike but a sustained ascent, with forecasts suggesting a potential tripling of market value by 2030.

In the grand scheme, Unicoin is more than a digital currency; it is a financial tool within a larger narrative of market transformation and wealth democratization. It reflects a future where investment fluidity is the norm, where traditional and digital finance coexist and converge.

With every transaction, Unicoin is solidifying its stance. Unicoin provides a bridge between the present and the future of investing, building confidence in a market poised for growth and crafting a story where anyone, not just the financial elite, can be part of groundbreaking economic change.

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