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Jeremy Roma: Revolutionizing Crowdfunding with

Jeremy Roma: Revolutionizing Crowdfunding with

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Jeremy Roma emerges as a visionary leader who's transforming the financial landscape. While the origin of and the decentralized crowd funding model was Jeremy’s brain child, he credits his partnership with co-founders Eduard Khemchan and Ilya Manin, and the amazing leaders on the front lines, as the true power behind pioneering a decentralized platform that's poised to disrupt traditional models. With unwavering commitment to transparency and innovation, he's debunking misconceptions and reshaping the future of crowdfunding and the peer-to-peer business model.

Addressing Misconceptions

Doubts and misconceptions can cast a shadow over even the most promising ventures. In a candid interview, Jeremy Roma confronts a significant concern surrounding – allegations that it might be a scam or, more specifically, a ponzi scheme. In no uncertain terms, Jeremy refutes these claims with the transparent facts, unwavering conviction, and clarity of purpose.

He makes it abundantly clear that was born out of a deep desire to combat ponzi schemes and protect people from fraudulent financial operations. The project's bedrock is built on creating a model where everyone involved, from contributors to those participating in the disruptive peer-to-peer model, can genuinely benefit from the profits, equity, and income generated by the success of the crowd funded projects, completely unhinged from any new contributions.

At the heart of's operations lies an unshakable commitment to transparency and trust. Jeremy and his team have harnessed the power of smart contracts and blockchain technology to establish a platform that operates on principles diametrically opposed to ponzi scams. While ponzi schemes often depend on luring new investors to pay earlier participants, is built on the principles of equity and equal value exchange, where the success generated from the projects and technologies the members crowd fund, are the back-bone of the financial wins for the community.

Decentralized Crowdfunding is redefining crowdfunding in the blockchain era. It operates as a decentralized smart contract on the blockchain, specializing in crowdfunding. This innovation is already reshaping the way people contribute and participate in funding projects. Its 1st crowd funding project with Endotech is coming to a close on March 1st, 2024.

In an industry that is filled with hype and exaggerated verbal gymnastics, we decided to pull data directly from the blockchain analysis, and in the case of, the numbers themselves win the Gold medal. As of the time of this article, here are the statistics for it’s very 1st project:

220,000+ wallets have contributed to the Crowd Funding Smart Contract
2M+ transactions on the Smart Contract
590M+ USDT has been Crowd Funded
350M+ USDT has been generated in trading profits
260M+ USDT has been paid out in AI Trading Rewards
185M+ USDT has been paid out in the referral plan
500M+ USDT is currently in live trading with the AI Development

Future Roadmap for

As with any ground-breaking venture, the road to success is filled with challenges. Jeremy candidly acknowledges the trials that has faced and how they've been overcome. He shares that the journey has been filled with obstacles, however, these challenges have only fueled the team's commitment to improving and delivering on their promises, and has only served to strengthen the foundation of leadership within the community.

Jeremy reveals the future roadmap for, and it's nothing short of ambitious. The current crowd funding phase in partnership with Endotech, is coming to a close at their global event “Limitless” in February, 2024. They have reached their target of 500,000,000 in live trading, for the purpose of testing and development of Endotech’s A.I. The 1st goal for 2024 is to see that grow to 5 Billion, apart from any new contributions, which will be a huge win for the entire community after the crowd funding ends. Additionally, this powerful crowd funding platform will be launching 2 new projects, the 1st will be announced at the Limitless event, the 2nd at an event TBA. The platform also has a goal to reach one million members by the end of 2024. These are monumental aspirations, but's track record of innovation and commitment to its community suggests they are more than capable of achieving these milestones.

The visionary leader goes on to share that has significant expectations for the long-term growth of its 1st crowd funding partner, Endotech, led by Dr. Anna Becker. Endotech plans to either go public or secure substantial equity partners by the end of 2024, in preparation to going public. These developments will not only benefit the company but also reward the community, demonstrating a model where equity crowdfunding can truly pay off. is gearing up to unveil its next significant crowdfunding project at the February Global Event in Dubai. While the details are kept under wraps for now, Jeremy hints that it will be as disruptive as its predecessors, if not more. This project showcases's relentless dedication to innovation and staying ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, Jeremy Roma's journey as a founder of is a testament to the transformative potential of blockchain technology and decentralized crowdfunding. Despite the hurdles faced along the way, is steadily progressing toward its ambitious goals, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. The future looks promising for both the platform and its community, as they continue to make waves in the world of decentralized finance. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this innovative leader and his visionary company,

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