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The Sales Renaissance: PhoneSales Crucial Role in Elevating Businesses from Struggle to Success

The Sales Renaissance: PhoneSales Crucial Role in Elevating Businesses from Struggle to Success

Top-tier salespeople are critical to the success of a business because they are the primary source of revenue. They are responsible for finding and attracting new customers, building relationships, and ultimately closing deals.

On the other hand, bad salespeople can have a detrimental effect on a business. They may lack the necessary skills to communicate effectively with potential customers, resulting in lost sales. They may also fail to properly represent the company, damaging the company's reputation and potentially leading to negative word-of-mouth.

If sales staff are demotivated, undertrained, or poorly managed, what steps can a business take to retain high-quality salespeople?

PhoneSales is a sales agency that helps businesses grow their revenue by building and managing their sales team. They specialize in increasing close rates and average order values, helping their clients generate millions of dollars in monthly revenue.

Their customized solutions include appointment confirmation calls, appointment setters, and Chief Sales Officers, who act as an in-house sales team without requiring equity. PhoneSales works with various offers, including DFY and B2B offers, courses, mentorship offers, and high-ticket e-commerce, creating effective sales strategies, presentations, and funnels to help businesses convert more customers.

Looking at the statistics, it's clear that PhoneSales has achieved a remarkable level of expertise and knowledge when it comes to sales. The founders, Jovan Stojanovic and Sasha Stanojlovic, report that their team of skilled sales professionals has an impressive record of closing deals for their clients, with some reaching a remarkable 85% success rate. On average, the team achieves a 40-60% close rate.

With over 450 salespeople trained, and 4,000 sales completed via phone and Zoom, they have helped clients generate over $30 million in revenue.

Furthermore, PhoneSales' closers work on a commission-only basis and are trained on clients' offers in just seven days or less, allowing many to earn over $50,000 per month and achieve financial independence.

However, Jovan Stojanovic and Sasha Stanojlovic recognize that not all businesses want to outsource their sales. As a result, they developed a sales recruitment platform initially for their internal use, but now it is available for all businesses to use.

They have recently introduced a marketplace that functions similarly to Upwork or Tinder, but specifically for hiring closers. The marketplace currently has close to 1000 high-ticket closers and appointment setters who have already undergone screening, vetting, interviewing, and roleplaying, making it easier for businesses to find the right fit for their sales team.

The closers' profiles showcase actual sales call examples, past sales statistics, and their PhoneSales interview, providing clients with the assurance that the closers are legitimate.

By creating this game-changing PhoneSales marketplace, Jovan Stojanovic and Sasha Stanojlovic have tackled one of the biggest challenges businesses face today: finding, attracting, and retaining the best sales talent. Jovan says, “Often, businesses will hire way too quickly. They'll interview 3-5 people max, and then they'll hire one or two of them. It’s not wise to interview only 3-5 people and make your hiring decision from that pool of people - you need to speak with a lot more people.”

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