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The Man You Never Knew You Needed: Transformational Life Coach Finds Root Causes for Clients

The Man You Never Knew You Needed: Transformational Life Coach Finds Root Causes for Clients

Life coach trainer and hypnotherapist Robert Simic delivers life-changing workshops to rewire subconscious thinking

In this self-reflective era we are encouraged to examine and upgrade our own lives from many sources. There is always something to change, improve or optimize. The latest self-improvement book promising results that you try with such hope; the new therapy that guarantees satisfaction or a hitherto unknown supplement with ingredients from deep in the rainforest.

Within this barrage of shiny promises it can be challenging to find something that truly works for you and creates lasting change. This is where Robert Simic comes in. With decades of experience in the life coaching industry and qualifications in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming, Simic has been quietly working for years to formulate a unique combination of therapies that treats the cause, rather than the symptoms.

Transforming clients’ lives is second nature to Simic, but it never fails to excite him. His passion for sharing tools and techniques that instigate sustainable change drives his workshops and programs, both in person and online.

Based in Dubai, Simic is on a mission to change the world. “I can’t reach 7 billion people at once, but my workshops are like a candle that lights multiple other candles who go on to light up others. This ripple effect of transformation is what makes my job so rewarding,” he says.

The blend of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, life coaching and other techniques from as far away as Tibet and Hawaii, form the foundation for these workshops. These ‘personal breakthrough’ experiences are weekend courses, designed to reset your subconscious and change your state from the inside out. The more in-depth ten-day courses not only qualify you as a practitioner but also make deep and lasting changes in your personal or professional life, because you are learning the techniques in a hands-on way.

“The environment of these longer courses is immersive,” says Simic. “After the day we will do breathwork or guided meditations on the beach and there is a great group dynamic that carries everyone through the intense learning process.” Depression, anxiety, health issues and addiction are all states that can be changed using Simic’s program.

With a background in scientific inquiry, Simic began his journey learning the power of positive thinking. This interest broadened into neuroscience and the mind-body connection that has myriad effects on physiology and mood. “Spirituality came later,” Simic explains. “I have integrated this package of tools and the spiritual element unifies them all. The tools I share are a combination of conscious learning with unconscious changes.”

As every human being is such a personalized collection of experiences, trauma, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, the workshops are never the same. “I have the slides that explain these things but the day flows organically, depending on who is in the room,” says Simic. “People are changing on a subconscious level even by the second day, because of the environment and the new information. I coach intuitively which sounds simplified, but it is actually very advanced.”

Sara Ameer, a trained coach who has been using the Robert Simic method and seeing astonishing results in her clients, says “Robert Simic is a neuro linguistic programming master, so he is conditioning the room for transformation from the very beginning. His personality and character, as well as the depth of expertise is what makes the program so successful.”

Ameer says, “awareness of your patterns is the first step, but what is the good of it if you can’t change them? 95% of your behavior is controlled by your subconscious conditioning so if you are not working at the root cause, the lasting change won’t happen. I have seen people struggle with addiction for decades and then rebuild their lives and never relapse after my sharing the RS Method.”

The lasting change that is such a trademark of Simic’s work is created through changing the underlying conditioning of the brain. “Other coaches tell clients to change their behavior, but it is not that simple,” says Simic. “This gives the client hope and they will feel terrible when they fail, because they have not been taught how to change the conditioning which is actually responsible for their physical and emotional state.”

“It is almost impossible to maintain a positive state when your whole biology and psychology are programmed differently inside. The emotional state we are in, determines the range of behavior we can access, so in good states we can perform better. It’s a chain reaction but the change has to begin with the state, not the behavior. Your values, beliefs, memories, and the sum total of life experiences is the database of everything you know. This is the root cause of all problems that we can resolve.”

Simic does not judge his clients or tell them what to do. “We offer tools and lovingly invite them to change,” he says. “Anything can be rewired, but they choose what they want to change. I just want to help them increase the quality of their lives or create the life of their dreams.” With thousands of people benefiting internationally from the RS Method, this unique healing tool is now spreading across the world.

To find out more about the courses, workshops and Robert Simic Method, check out the Robert Simic Coaching Institute website.

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