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Dubai Set to Host World's Second-Tallest Skyscraper Featuring a Vertical Mall

Dubai Set to Host World's Second-Tallest Skyscraper Featuring a Vertical Mall

Dubai is poised to elevate its skyline once again with the construction of Burj Azizi, anticipated to become the world's second-tallest tower upon its completion in 2028. Surpassing the 679m tall Merdeka 118 in Malaysia, Burj Azizi aims to reach new heights in architectural innovation. Currently, the city's second and third tallest structures are Marina 101 and the Princess Tower, standing at 425m and 413m respectively. However, the iconic Burj Khalifa continues to dominate as both Dubai's and the world's tallest building at 828m.

To claim the title of Dubai's second-tallest building, Burj Azizi will need to outstrip the recently announced Franck Muller Aeternitas tower, set to be the tallest residential clock tower globally. Azizi Developments, the force behind Burj Azizi, has commenced construction along the prestigious Sheikh Zayed Road, promising a blend of luxury and innovation opposite the World Trade Centre.

Burj Azizi is designed to be a multifaceted destination, offering luxury residences, penthouses, and a unique vertical shopping mall. The project will also feature a "seven-star" hotel, an observation deck for panoramic views, and an array of high-end dining options. Mirwais Azizi, the founder and chairman of Azizi Developments, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, describing it as a dream project and a tribute to Dubai's hospitality and the opportunities the city has provided to him and his family.

With this ambitious project, Dubai continues to cement its position as a hub of architectural marvels and luxury living, contributing significantly to its global appeal as a destination for tourism and business.

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