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Saudi Government Departments Excel in Energy Efficiency

Saudi Government Departments Excel in Energy Efficiency

In a commendable stride towards environmental sustainability, nearly 40 Saudi government entities have achieved a perfect efficiency rating in energy consumption, as evaluated by the Kingdom's dedicated monitoring authority. During a distinguished ceremony in Riyadh, Nasser Al-Ghamdi, the Director General of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC), lauded 90 state institutions for their eco-friendly practices, recognizing their efforts in the 2022 assessment.

The recognized entities were categorized based on their compliance and energy-saving achievements. The elite "Grade A" group consisted of 37 departments, each boasting a 100% compliance level alongside substantial energy conservation. Following them, 17 entities were awarded "Grade B" for achieving over 85% compliance with noticeable energy savings, while 36 departments received "Grade C" for similar compliance levels but without significant energy conservation.

Al-Ghamdi emphasized the comprehensive approach adopted by the center to assist government entities in enhancing their energy consumption practices, in line with royal directives. He pointed out that boosting energy production and utilization efficiency is pivotal for Saudi Arabia's economic and sustainable development, aligning with the Vision 2030 goals of conserving natural resources.

The SEEC has focused its efforts on key sectors such as industry, buildings, and land transportation, which collectively account for over 90% of the country's energy use. Initiatives have been progressively rolled out to set benchmarks and specifications for energy efficiency within these areas.

Al-Ghamdi elaborated on the categorization within the building sector, including residential, commercial, and government properties, highlighting ongoing collaborations to foster energy efficiency across government, industrial, and transportation sectors. He underscored the potential for significant energy savings to be redirected towards developmental benefits for both citizens and the nation.

The ceremony concluded with presentations on the government entities' energy consumption improvement program and an overview of the empowerment journey for official agencies in implementing these energy efficiency enhancements.

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