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Dr. Todd Lanman Brings Innovative Spinal Care and Artificial Disc Replacement to Qatar

Dr. Todd Lanman Brings Innovative Spinal Care and Artificial Disc Replacement to Qatar

Dr. Todd H. Lanman, the founder of Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center and globally recognized spinal neurosurgeon, has announced an exciting collaboration with The View Hospital in Qatar. Through a combined program of on-site visits and telemedicine, Dr. Lanman will bring elite spinal care to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. This collaboration highlights Dr. Lanman’s commitment to innovation and improving the global healthcare landscape.

Dr. Lanman has been a pioneer in the motion preservation spinal surgery field for many years. Highlights of his career include trailblazing advancements in artificial disc replacement, fusion reversal, and motion-preserving hybrid surgeries. Throughout his prestigious career, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals, including prominent athletes, dignitaries, and A-list Hollywood celebrities. His initiative with The View Hospital brings life-changing medical innovations to a broader community.

The visiting partnership will commence with Dr. Lanman’s visit to Qatar from May 12 to May 16. Before the trip, Dr. Lanman will conduct telemedicine appointments to ensure that patient clinical data and analysis are not lost in translation. This approach facilitates optimal patient care and highlights Dr. Lanman’s commitment to using new technology to expand his practice. "Telemedicine has opened new frontiers in healthcare, enabling us to extend our reach beyond traditional boundaries," Dr. Lanman remarked. "Our collaboration with The View Hospital is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in spinal treatment and care. By combining in-person visits with telemedicine, we can provide a comprehensive and personalized care experience to our patients in Qatar and the UAE."

His unwavering commitment to patient well-being and 4D Health sets Dr. Lanman apart in his field. He takes a holistic approach to wellness, evaluating each patient’s lifestyle, health, and personal goals before determining the best solution for the individual. He ensures that his treatments address immediate spinal health concerns and promote long-term wellness and quality of life. Back and neck pain are often chronic and highly disruptive to patients’ lives. Dr. Lanman’s approach considers that and seeks to give patients long, pain-free lives so that they may live the life they want.

Dr. Lanman looks forward to introducing his advanced spinal care methodologies to the Middle East in his work at The View Hospital. He is excited to treat patients in the region and foster an environment of education and innovation within the hospital. He will be able to bring new techniques to the area and teach many medical professionals how to practice them. Dr. Lanman’s dedication to learning from and educating the global medical community is commendable and reinforces his position as a leader in spinal health.

Dr. Lanman’s work in the Middle East will benefit patients and medical staff in the area while giving Dr. Lanman himself a more international perspective on spinal care. His motion preservation treatments will bring new joy to patients in the Middle East, and his innovations will continue to evolve to fit the region’s needs. This exciting chapter in spinal care is just beginning. For more information please visit

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