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Dubai to Construct $35 Billion Al Maktoum International Airport Terminal, Set to Become World's Largest

Dubai to Construct $35 Billion Al Maktoum International Airport Terminal, Set to Become World's Largest

Dubai has embarked on an ambitious $35 billion project to build the world’s largest airport terminal, as announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and ruler of Dubai. The new terminal, part of Al Maktoum International Airport, is expected to accommodate up to 260 million passengers annually, significantly expanding the emirate's capacity for international travel and commerce.

This massive development will see Al Maktoum International Airport supersede Dubai International Airport in size and capacity, becoming five times larger than its predecessor. The transition of operations from Dubai International to Al Maktoum International will occur over the coming years, positioning the new terminal as a central hub for global travel.

Sheikh Mohammed highlighted the strategic vision behind the expansion, noting, "As we build an entire city around the airport in Dubai South, demand for housing for a million people will follow. It will host the world’s leading companies in the logistics and air transport sectors." This move underscores Dubai's commitment to fostering long-term growth and establishing itself as a new global center.

The terminal’s design includes five parallel runways and 400 aircraft gates, indicating a scale of operations poised to set new global standards. The expansion aligns with Dubai's broader objectives to enhance its infrastructure and maintain its status as a leading aviation hub.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, emphasized the significance of this development, stating that it will "solidify Dubai’s position as a leading aviation hub." He added that the growth of Dubai has historically been linked with the expansion of its aviation infrastructure, marking this project as another landmark in the city's ambitious development strategy.

Dubai International Airport has reigned as the world's busiest airport for international travel for ten consecutive years, with traffic surpassing pre-pandemic levels last year. The introduction of the new terminal is expected to further boost Dubai’s role in international tourism and commerce, building on a record-breaking year that saw 17.15 million international overnight visitors in 2023.

This project not only represents a significant investment in the future of transportation but also anticipates the evolving needs of global travelers and businesses, reinforcing Dubai's position at the forefront of the international travel and logistics industries.

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