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Giuliano Gonzalez — Influencing Purchasing Decisions At Scale While Redefining Dubai's Networking Entrepreneurial Landscape

Giuliano Gonzalez — Influencing Purchasing Decisions At Scale While Redefining Dubai's Networking Entrepreneurial Landscape

Networking stands as the lifeblood of Public Relations. Without a solid network, it's like trying to navigate a maze without a map—you'll miss out on valuable collaborations, opportunities, and chances to succeed.

For Giuliano Gonzalez, CEO and Founder of DXB Publicity and DXB Network, PR and networking have become more of a lifestyle than a profession.

Giuliano's first career in luxury real estate saw him effortlessly dealing with multi-millionaires in his early 20's, a skill which eventually became as natural as breathing. He also comes from a social family where socializing is a way of life, hence why he’s able to effortlessly bring together the top online entrepreneurs in Dubai, leading the establishment of UAE's premier PR firm and networking event.

Born and bred in the small town of Nueva Braunau, Chile, Giuliano had his eyes set on horizons far beyond the borders of his hometown. As a teenager, he witnessed his parents' struggle after immigrating to Australia, where they worked odd jobs to make ends meet, without speaking much English. Giuliano’s drive to turn pain into purpose ignited his determination even further.

A few years after diving into the online business scene, Giuliano found his stride in the City of Angels, LA. It was here that his star truly began to shine. Rubbing shoulders with media moguls and A-players, he saw an opportunity ripe for the taking. Soon after, he launched his PR & Media company, where he focused on helping businesses and entrepreneurs with an annual revenue between $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 turn skeptical prospects into “ready to buy” clients by leveraging the trust and credibility of major news outlets, TV, and podcasts. As a result, his clients were able to close more deals in less time, charge more for their services, and dominate their industry because of their new perception within their marketplace.

Today, DXB Publicity works with over 750 media outlets from The Middle East, America, Australia, and Europe. In a hot pursuit to expand on his connections and build his network further, Giuliano relocated to Dubai, where DXB Network was born—a hub for hustlers, dreamers, and go-getters looking to make their mark on the world.

Giuliano shares, “I decided to start DXB Network as a weekly networking for aspiring & established entrepreneurs. I didn’t have the time to meet one-on-one with everyone, so within 7 days of arriving here, I built a network where everyone could come together and everyone saves time.”

He continues, “It didn’t start with a goal to make money, or build anything other than connecting with like-minded people. Dubai’s scene is missing real human connection. People are sick of the corporate angle, having to dress to impress, and having to be “somebody”. Dubai is full of money, but most people lack influence.”

As Giuliano's vision for DXB Network took shape, he quickly mobilized its growth. Within just under 11 days, the DXB Network group skyrocketed from zero to over 500 members—with a world of potential for future growth.

In Dubai, where business owners' ambitions soar as high as the Burj Khalifa, DXB Network stands out like a diamond in the rough. With its focus on substance over style, it has become the go-to networking group for online entrepreneurs in Dubai.

A 500+ strong networking group, along with exclusive relationships with 750+ top-tier outlets, and guaranteed media placements for his clients, it comes as no surprise that Giuliano Gonzalez has quickly risen to become the kingpin of Dubai's PR scene.

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