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HATTON LABS x MAD Release Limited-Edition 'Portcullis' Timepiece Inspired by Medieval Architecture

HATTON LABS x MAD Release Limited-Edition 'Portcullis' Timepiece Inspired by Medieval Architecture

In an exquisite fusion of history and luxury, London-based HATTON LABS has partnered with MAD to introduce the 'Portcullis' timepiece, a limited-edition watch inspired by the medieval gates used in European castles during the Middle Ages. The design of the timepiece mirrors the functionality and aesthetic of these fortified gates, which were often constructed from robust wood and metal in a latticed grille structure to protect castles during sieges.

The 'Portcullis' watch transforms this historical concept into a modern luxury item, featuring a 37mm Royal Oak base, reimagined with precious materials. The bezel is adorned with 40 pyramid baguette diamonds set in an upside-down, irregular pattern, resembling the spiky, fortress-like appearance of a portcullis. This unique setting not only enhances the watch's visual appeal but also highlights the dual nature of strength and elegance.

The dial of the watch maintains a minimalist design, equipped only with a logo and luminescent hour and minute hands, which glow seafoam green in the dark, reflecting off the mirrored silver dial. The color theme continues with a pyramid-cut sapphire set into the crown, enhancing the overall aesthetic coherence of the timepiece.

Furthering its luxurious appeal, the watch includes an integrated bracelet with a matching mirrored polish finish, punctuated by a pyramid-cut white diamond in the center links. Inside, the 'Portcullis' houses the original in-house 3120 caliber, visible through a sapphire crystal caseback. This automatic movement provides a 60-hour power reserve and operates at 21,600 vibrations per hour (vph).

This remarkable timepiece is available exclusively through HBX, with only 5 units in existence, priced at $158,000 USD each. This ultra-limited release combines the mystique of medieval architecture with the precision of modern horology, offering a truly distinctive and collectible masterpiece for watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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