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An Interview With Gosia Golda: The Creative Mind Behind a Transformation In The Talent Business

An Interview With Gosia Golda: The Creative Mind Behind a Transformation In The Talent Business

Visionary entrepreneurs usually possess a few traits that set them apart from other people: they are highly driven, self-motivated people who are determined to revolutionize their respective industries. In today's fast paced society, innovation and disruption are propelling the entrepreneurial culture to new heights.

For Gosia Golda, the journey began at age 21, when she realized that her entrepreneurial calling had finally found a home in the vibrant city of Dubai; a place where her innate talent and love for business, art and fashion could thrive.

In 2008, Gosia founded the MMG Group of companies, its divisions have grown to include MMG Models, MMG Artists, and MMG Talent.

Her contribution to the expansion of creative industries in the UAE, particularly talent management, which had been characterized by a lack of structure, has since become synonymous with a catalyst for increased business activity from some of the world's most influential brands who seek to produce engaging and memorable campaigns in the region - without having to move their creative operations elsewhere.

Reflecting on MMG’s growth, Golda describes the process as a mirror of her own entrepreneurial journey.

"As an entrepreneur, I believe that your business reflects your own journey of expansion, change, and progress," she explains. The expansion has been driven by market demand and a passion that seems to resonate deeply within the company. Despite the inevitable challenges that accompany growth, Golda emphasizes the rewards of entrepreneurship. "It’s the dynamic nature that keeps me on my toes—always learning, always evolving. Looking back to where we started, the progress is immensely satisfying," she adds.

MMG's recent expansion into the Saudi Arabian market marks a significant milestone. This move is part of a natural progression, driven by the needs of their clients who are extending their operations into the region. "We aim to support them in this exciting new market. The vision here is expansive, and we believe in not limiting ourselves," Gosia Golda states. The strategy involves being where their clients need them the most, ready and eager for further growth.

Innovation at MMG also includes digital transformation. Golda's passion for technology spurred the development of an MMG app, aimed at enhancing interactions between talent and clients globally.

"This initiative, managed by our CTO Dawid Koniecki and in collaboration with my sister Kasia, is about connecting talent across the globe with opportunities in the Middle East and vice versa," she remarks. The app is set to simplify and accelerate the connection processes, reflecting MMG's commitment to providing platforms for creative expression.

As MMG expands into new markets, integrating the strengths of MMG Models and MMG Talent is crucial. Golda highlights the importance of understanding client needs and providing excellent service. "Our clients need reliable partners with deep industry know-how and a grasp of regional specifics," she explains. This integration ensures that MMG offers a unique value proposition, combining top-notch talent management with tailored client services.

When asked about her hiring philosophy, Gosia emphasizes the importance of passion, drive, and a good sense of humor. "We look for individuals who appreciate what we do at MMG and want to join because they are driven by similar values," she says. The team dynamics are also pivotal, as she believes in maintaining a family-like atmosphere within the company.

While Golda hints at exciting future projects, details remain under wraps. "There is something big on the horizon, but it's a bit of a secret for now. What I can say is, the future is bright and full of potential," she teases, promising that MMG will continue to innovate and lead in the industry.

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