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From Wildland FireFighter to Marine, Protection Agent and Founder: The Intriguing Career of Mark Ledlow

From Wildland FireFighter to Marine, Protection Agent and Founder: The Intriguing Career of Mark Ledlow
Mark Ledlow, The Ledlow Security Intelligence Group

Many people have unconventional career paths. In fact, one survey found that 49% of Americans said they’ve made a dramatic career shift. However, Mark Ledlow, founder and CEO of The Ledlow Security Intelligence Group has had almost the same number of successful careers as Forrest Gump.

From battling wildfires in Oregon to serving his country for eight years in the Marines, Ledlow has cultivated a spirit of resilience and adaptability.

His military experience, coupled with a Criminology degree (with minor in psychology) from Southern Oregon University then led him into law enforcement. This included working at a youth correctional facility and as a reserve cop, instilling in him a strong sense of purpose and a desire to make a positive impact.

However, after becoming somewhat disillusioned with law enforcement roles, Ledlow was drawn to the world of business and seamlessly transitioned into corporate America—achieving success as the number one producer in business development at WaMu, now Chase Bank, in Oregon.

“I discovered another side to my personality that I didn’t realize I had; I was pretty good at hitting my numbers and creating strong relationships with people. It was a natural fit”, Ledlow states. However, the 2008 financial crisis pushed him to explore new frontiers.

After speaking to friends in the business, Ledlow then embarked on another unique career path in private security, where his diverse background proved invaluable.

He started working as an Executive Protection Agent for a private security firm — a Los Angeles based security/risk management firm. Ledlow’s first job was working on the largest private security detail in the United States, protecting a chairman of a tribal Indian Casino who was receiving extortion threats from the Cartel.

Recognizing his ability to adapt to cultural nuances, Ledlow began specializing in protecting high-profile individuals from the Middle East. He was quick to pick up the intricacies and nuances of Sharia law making him a favorite among Middle Eastern clients. His strong work ethic and understanding of the importance of continuity for high-profile (and royal) families often meant working for three months without a day off.

Mark Ledlow, The Ledlow Security Intelligence Group

After 10 years working for other security firms, Ledlow had garnered the knowledge and experience to set up his own security company. The Ledlow Security Intelligence Group supports clients with asset and brand protection, robbery suppression, investigations, executive protection, site security and executive protection training.

While necessary non-disclosure agreements prevent Ledlow from sharing many of his businesses specific success stories, one recent and public case study The Ledlow Security Intelligence Group can share was its involvement in the First Republic Bank rescue deal. With the bank at risk of insolvency, First Republic bank used The Ledlow Security Group to act as a buffer between themselves and the media. Ledlow and his team successfully deployed an intelligence team as well as deploying agents in several states to protect their C-Suite staff during the economic crisis.

One of Ledlow’s main drives in founding his business was amplifying a powerful message. "We're a veteran-owned US business," Mr Ledlow emphasizes, "and we're passionate about giving veterans and retired officers hope and purpose.”

“Profit sharing is at the heart of our philosophy—a successful team is a team that's taken care of." Ledlow continues. It’s this altruistic attitude, and his entrepreneurial spirit, that encouraged him to pursue his next venture, launching his podcast—The Fearless Mindset—during the pandemic.

Ledlow’s aim was to connect with industry experts and people he’d worked with over the last 10 years to hear their stories and advice. Ledlow wanted to support the security industry during a time of limited in-person interaction, so while agents were stuck for work, they still had access to a free resource that could help learn about the business practical tips and guidance.

As The Ledlow Security Intelligence Group goes from strength to strength, Ledlow again is pivoting his career with plans to found his own media group and expand his YouTube channel, which currently supports his highly successful podcast.

With a proven track record of success across diverse fields, Ledlow demonstrates a remarkable ability to adapt, learn, and thrive in new environments. His varied career path is a testament to his intellectual curiosity and insatiable drive. As he looks to the future, one thing is certain: exciting new ventures and accomplishments surely await.

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