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Alexandru Cocindau: Revolutionizing Education with TeachMeCode

Alexandru Cocindau: Revolutionizing Education with TeachMeCode
Alexandru Cocindau

Every industry has evolved through a sea of changes by embracing technology, and the education system is no exception. Alexandru Cocindau, an entrepreneur, software developer since 2006, and angel investor, stands at the forefront of this transformation. As the founder of TeachMeCode Institute, a revolutionary educational platform, Alexandru believes firmly that IT education is the future.

Alexandru Cocindau's career reflects his passion for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. As the co-founder and investor of "DEADLOCK," a captivating video game, he masterfully blended intricate narrative elements with groundbreaking gameplay mechanics. Set on the mystical Island of Convergence, inspired by Iceland's rugged landscapes, the game intertwines the natural and supernatural in a unique setting that has captivated gamers worldwide.

His entrepreneurial spirit dates back to 2006 when he founded Active Design, initially a website development company. Over the years, Active Design expanded its services to include marketing, web design, 3D and navy design, search engine optimization, mobile development, and e-commerce development. Under his leadership, Active Design became the first certified PrestaShop company in Romania, pushing the boundaries of e-commerce development.

His passion for storytelling extends beyond gaming. As the executive producer of the movie "77 Years Back," Alexandru played a crucial role in bringing to life the story of Victor Stroie, a man who fled Bessarabia due to the war and was adopted by another family in Romania. His dedication to theater and movie production, combined with his IT industry experience, made him a pivotal figure in the production stages of the movie.

Alexandru's career in the tech industry includes his role as Chief Executive Officer of Active Academy since 2017. Faced with a shortage of qualified developers from local universities, he created an educational structure that replaced traditional coding lessons with a more efficient, hands-on approach. Students actively participate in tech projects under the guidance of senior developers, ensuring practical, real-world experience.

Before these ventures, Alexandru founded Menuo in 2016, the first digital alternative to traditional restaurant menus. This innovation not only enhanced the dining experience for consumers but also provided significant savings for restaurant owners.

In 2022, Alexandru co-founded, addressing a gap in the market for personalized credit and debit cards. With this venture, he aimed to offer consumers a way to express their individuality through custom-designed cards. In the same year, Alexandru founded the TeachMeCode Institute in Dubai. TeachMeCode offers a revolutionary approach to learning with practical training and state-of-the-art facilities. The institute aims to address the shortage of skilled talent in the IT sector, emphasizing the importance of investing in oneself to secure a successful future in the rapidly growing IT industry.

TeachMeCode offers intensive coding boot camps, weekend courses, micro-courses, and coding and robotics. The institute provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with the skills needed in today's tech-driven world. Located at 404, Building 8, Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai, it stands as a hub of learning and development.

Under Alexandru's leadership, TeachMeCode offers future-ready courses such as UX/UI Design in Figma, Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Back-End Development (PHP, MySQL, Laravel), Python Fundamentals (Data Analytics and Web Development), and Mobile Development (Java and Android Studio). His dedication is evident in every detail, where innovation meets comfort.

Alexandru Cocindau's journey with TeachMeCode shows his vision of revolutionizing education, paving the way for a future where IT education is accessible, practical, and transformative. His leadership continues to inspire, making him a driving force in the IT industry.

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