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Anna Dianova: Thinking Outside The Canvas

 Anna Dianova: Thinking Outside The Canvas

A child's mind is uncorrupted, unbiased, and full of curiosity. Some children grow and become complacent with what culture and the world say; others think for themselves. Born into a family with an artistic past, it was inevitable that Anna Dianova would too be a divergent thinker and visualizer--she would not succumb to society.

The young imaginary took a brush to a canvas for the first time at the age of four. Dianova's first piecem a bird of fire or Fenix, demonstrated an in-depth perception of color, variation, and definition. In Slavic pagan culture, this mythological being symbolized luck – a thing that would play a role in her evolving 20-year career.

After graduating from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, T. Shevchenko State Artistic School, Dianova mastered how to transform emotionally charged topics, fixed upon personal motifs and experimentation into favorable art. Dianova is an artist of the metamodernism era, a style linked to technology development and the resulting fears.

"As an artist, it is my responsibility to convey the idea in an understandable, visual language that has to educate and bring joy," Dianova said.

Lucky timing or the understanding that history repeats itself? Dianova's works seem to breathe life into the ongoing pressures and anxieties the world continually challenges. Dianova takes a historical piece synonymous with a current or potential future problem and blends them with her own exploratory twist. Her insightful and color-explosive work has resonated with so many buyers worldwide, solidifying her art industry presence.

"I do believe that human nature doesn't change, but there is something mysterious behind all of this knowledge that human existence has," Dianova said. "For example, in my latest painting, "Wild Things," that belongs to Eddie Mullon, the software developer and investor of Fashion GPS."

Moved by time and change, the young artist also finds inspiration from her collectors and the stories they tell, much like Mullon. Once Dianova grasps a new concept or issue, she waits until sunset to begin her work.

"Most of the time, I'm working till deep night when my brain activity is hyper, and the brush flows easily," Dianova explained.

Dianova researches all facets of evolution daily. For now, she is studying in New York City, with a new collection already underway. Undoubtedly, Dianova will continue to enlighten the world on change; she has always been one to think outside the pack.

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