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How PandMedic Solutions is Making Travel Safe Again

How PandMedic Solutions is Making Travel Safe Again

As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues claiming lives and changing the fundamentals of social interaction, millions of people across America are wondering if things like traveling will return to normal any time soon. Throughout this challenging time in human history, an up-and-coming American manufacturing company has taken matters into their own hands after designing what they call an intelligent anti-pandemic safety gate that serves as a tool to sanitize and disinfect a person’s whole body within a matter of seconds.

With a design and appearance that looks similar to an x-ray scanner that one would see at an airport security checkpoint, PandMedic’s anti-pandemic safety gate’s functions provide security against the invisible enemy that has eroded our way of life.

Thanks to this innovative technology, travelers will enjoy peace of mind again. How does it work? When approaching the gate, it operates first by checking a person’s temperature without contact. By placing one’s forehead or wrist three inches from the left panel, the safety gate safely takes a temperature reading completely contact-free with an infrared touch free thermometer. If the gate detects a fever, an alarm will ring. But should one have a normal temperature reading, they will then enter the machine to undergo a rapid 360-degree disinfection. With an ultrasonic disinfection atomizer, the gate works continuously to ensure the cabinet is filled with disinfectant mist.

While some may stand in opposition to the idea of a machine that sprays humans with chemicals, PandMedic’s anti-pandemic safety gate guarantees no harsh chemicals whatsoever. With an FDA-approved food grade disinfectant that is compared to solutions that are used to disinfect surfaces in restaurants, the safety gate’s disinfectant mist is safe enough for a human to pass through even while holding a cup of coffee or sandwich in their hand. Despite the fact that it has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses including COVID-19, the disinfectant is even safe for dogs and other pets to pass through.

As humanity faces a demanding collective challenge, companies that set out to create and introduce solutions to some of the biggest problems that we have experienced are effecting positive change and providing people with a safe haven from uncertainty.

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