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How Consultant Kevin Dolce is Teaching People The Business Secrets of Billionaires on Instagram®

How Consultant Kevin Dolce is Teaching People The Business Secrets of Billionaires on Instagram®

“Don´t hate the players, learn the game” – A premise that has taken Kevin Dolce
from cold calling executives at different companies back when he started out to building his own successful business consulting company and gaining increased notoriety due to his innate ability to simplify and communicate complex financial strategies, tax and estate planning matters to everyday folks like you and me.

Mr. Dolce believes that everyone is entitled to the same opportunities in life, and access to quality financial education is something that was virtually impossible to attain for previous generations; Thankfully, the hyper-connected age of social media and the hunger of younger entrepreneurs have brought down the walls that used to keep knowledge locked up and have now democratized access to the same business strategies that millionaires and billionaires (or their financial advisors and attorneys) have been employing for decades to optimize and maximize their earning potential.

Through his company, Nineteen 90 Business Consulting, Kevin Dolce offers individuals and businesses access to advanced financial planning strategies in a simple, easy to understand visual format along with different products that enable small business owners, as well as more experienced entrepreneurs and digital tycoons to keep more of their hard earned profits by learning the rules and playing the game like the pros do.

Kevin recently granted us an interview, here´s what he shared with our readers:

When did you first discover your passion for learning the financial strategies of the super rich and sharing them with your audiences?

I’ve always had a keen sense of financial literacy, but if I could put a date on it, I would say fall 2018. Growing up I’ve always had a saying” I want to be a billionaire” so I began to train myself as if I was going to be one. Learning different strategies of how the rich got to where they are today.

The reason I share this information is because a lot of this information we aren’t taught in school and would be beneficial for those who aren’t financially literate. Especially first time business owners.

What was your first major financial success and how were you able to achieve it?

My first major financial success in my opinion was when I worked for a mid-size financial company in NYC 2013. I was an account executive selling summits to mid-size and Fortune 500 CEO’s. The reason I sold directly to them was because they were the decision makers. But getting them on the phone was the hard part. Getting through their gate keepers, using different strategies and techniques to get them in the phone to pitch to. My first deal was with a mid size pharmacy 50k deal.

I was making 200 calls a day. Spending hours researching companies after work hours to get some deals done. But nothing felt better than that first one. I made $8k on that deal. After the 1st deal it was a ripple effect. I knew what was needed to make that happen.

Where do you get all the information that you share with your followers in a simple, easy to understand format? Normally it seems to be buried under hundreds of pages or encoded in a way that makes it virtually impossible to understand.

Doing my due-diligence through information from different content creators and educators online. @haitian_ceo Herman Dolce Jr, @Him500 Marcus Barney, and @wallo267 Wallace Peoples just to name a few. Outside Instagram®, YouTube®, Google®, and other online sources that I search directly help me educate myself.

Some people are visual learners and in this day and age of social media not everything can be taught with just words on a page.

What are some of your goals for Nineteen90 business consulting LLC for Q4 2022?

NTN90 is going to continue to thread the needle in Q4 with constant visual content creation. We will also be releasing a course that will teach individuals on how to start a business through their Secretary of State in all 50 states.

We want to continue to grow our team and our business to help educate those around us on business tips and education that they may not know!

If you could only give people a single piece of financial advice, what would that be?

One piece of financial advice I could give others is don’t mess up your personal credit. It is a huge piece in gaining business credit, lines of credit, and business loans from financial institutions. Learn to leverage your credit to grow your business.

If billionaires can do it, why can’t you?

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