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11:11 DSHOW Brings Together Glamour, Philanthropy And A Unique Concept by Diana Piedrahita.

11:11 DSHOW Brings Together Glamour, Philanthropy And A Unique Concept by Diana Piedrahita.

Diana Piedrahita (Courtesy)

The historic Alfred I. DuPont Building is set to be the site of a memorable event unlike anything Miami has witnessed before: a celebration of epic proportions that will transport guests back to the roaring twenties, the age of prohibition and the glamorous Gatsby-like social affairs that would go on to serve as a benchmark for how all future generations would partake in memorable gatherings.

Envisioned to perfection by prominent Colombian entertainment entrepreneur Diana Piedrahita, 11:11 DSHOW will bring together the unique atmosphere of a Prohibition Speakeasy with world class fashion, music, art and philanthropic elements, making it one of the most exclusive, sought after events of the season.

But the cultural and historical relevance of this event goes far beyond its social appeal or the promise of an unforgettable night out on the town; The true purpose of 11:11 DSHOW has much deeper roots. It is about empowering women and strengthening their position within the fashion world as valuable thought leaders and not only beautiful faces on the covers of magazines. This is the vision of Ms. Piedrahita who has devoted herself to raising awareness for this cause while also pledging to donate 10% of all revenue generated by the event to foundations in her natal Colombia – Jessica Foundation which helps underprivileged children and their mothers and Dharma Foundation, dedicated to providing support to kids living with cancer and other terminal diseases – this is the young and visionary entrepreneur´s way of honoring the legacy of her father and her grandmother, who taught Diana to always find a way to help those who need it most, while making her own way in the world as an independent woman.

On November 11th a who´s who of Miami and New York socialites will come together in a decadent celebration that will include musical performances by renowned international DJ´s, live performances by actors and a very special and highly anticipated fashion show by iconic Venezuelan designer Idol Jose, who will be showcasing his latest creations on the 11:11 runway. Through a perfect blend of art, fashion and music, guests will experience a moment out of time, indulging in the world class montage that Ms. Piedrahita and her team of highly talented collaborators including Paula Caviedes the project´s Director, Fabián Quitián, Daniela Betancourt, Adriana Rodriguez and Angie have accomplished, overcoming all challenges and looking to write their own page in the history of Miami´s art, fashion and music scene through a new kind of curated, world class event.

North Ballroom (Image Credit: The Historic Alfred I DuPont Building)

Tickets for this exclusive affair are rumored to be nearly sold out with many of Miami´s most influential social figures said to be attending the event.

In anticipation of the big night, Diana Piedrahita, CEO of 11:11 DSHOW recently granted The Influential an interview in which she discussed her main motivation for creating and putting together an event of such magnitude, as well as what she hopes to accomplish in the near future. This is what she told us:

What was your goal when developing the concept for 11:11 DSHOW?

I set out to create a company that would curate memorable experiences for our selected guests, combining the most exclusive fashion designers, DJ´s and artists merged in a glamorous environment where talent and culture stand out, elevating your senses to another level.

What wisdom would you want to share with others? What lessons can
people learn from your way of putting this event together?

Your dreams will never be impossible if you work with love, passion, and
persistence. Never let anyone tell you you´re not capable or able to achieve your goals, nothing is impossible, fight for your dreams and show everyone.

What were the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome

The biggest challenges I have faced have been with myself, learning to know,
love, and change myself with all of the mistakes I have made in the past. I´m a woman that has talent and flaws, sometimes I lead with my heart and sometimes I lead more with reason; In order to be able to get to this point I had to stop and reassure myself that was the way to know myself.

Where do you see your event in a few years? What are some of your goals
and aspirations?

We will be the face of exclusivity in the entertainment industry (fashion-music-
art), empowering artists, brands and social relationships with memorable
experiences all in one place, we will also be supporting more than 2 foundations
per year.

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