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Elite Trainer Delano Pinheiro Shares His Philosophy On How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

Elite Trainer Delano Pinheiro Shares His Philosophy On How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

The relentless pace of modern life has undoubtedly taken a toll on the most basic and fundamental aspect of our lives as humans: our physical balance and wellbeing.

How common is it to see busy people running around from meeting to meeting, without even taking the time to sit down and enjoy a proper meal; Instead, these people can usually be found consuming processed foods and sugary drinks, tons of caffeine and complex carbohydrates by the handful. Most of us have been guilty of this at some point of our life or another.

However, as time goes by, we begin to feel depleted of our vital energy. Our bad habits start to catch up with us and all that time we spent chasing the next paycheck or sitting on our chairs, attending endless video conferences starts to manifest as subtle imbalances, which in turn become full blown physical ailments that end up forcing us to spend even more time and money trying to fix what very well could have been prevented in the first place. However, experts believe there is a better way, a better philosophy.

Delano Pinheiro has built a solid reputation for himself as an elite trainer who specializes in helping busy people to get (or stay) fit; As a nutrition specialist and BS in Physical Education, the young and energetic fitness expert has developed a holistic approach to health and wellness, one that even the most time-strapped entrepreneurs, celebrities and business tycoons can follow if they wish to enjoy superior vitality and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Delano recently granted us an interview where he discussed his unique approach in detail; This is what he told us:

How did you begin your journey in the world of fitness and wellness?

The desire to be a physical trainer came when I was 18, when I was working sitting in
front of my computer in a regular office in an administrative position and one day I saw
from my office window a trainer teaching a group of children on a soccer field next to
the building where I used to work. I remember seeing that scene and thinking, I wish I
was there, working like that guy, being outside, working out and helping others exercise
too and not sitting here in front of this computer all day.

That scene was enough to make me discover that my profile was not that of having a job like most people do. From that day I looked for more information about the physical education course and 6 months later I was enrolled in a college.

Besides taking care of your body through fitness and exercise regimens, what are
some of your other hobbies or ways that you enjoy spending your time?

I love being in contact with nature, I always try to do outdoor activities; I love walking
with my dog, it´s a moment that brings me a lot of peace. I really like being close to the
sea, often when I need to clarify my ideas I come to the beach, the noise of the sea
helps me find answers to several things that make my mind anxious because of the
daily work demand. Knowing this, I try at least once a week to have this moment to
myself. Living in Miami Beach brought me more quality of life that positively affected my
work and personal life.

What would you tell someone who doesn´t believe they can change their habits and
acquire the necessary discipline to transform their physique from average to

I would first say that changing habits can be simpler than many people imagine. The
first thing to do to change bad habits is to know what they are, to be aware of what your
weaknesses are is the first point to know how to deal with them, write on paper current
habits that are harming you and delaying the result you want so much.

After listing what these habits are, you must create strategies to know how to deal with each of these behaviors; For example, if a person wants to lose weight and constantly has social
events to attend because of work or even with friends, that person to avoid getting out
of your eating routine completely, I recommend that you don´t go to these dinners when
you´re very hungry or, if possible, even have a meal beforehand so that you don´t fall
into temptation and end up eating more than you should. I always tell my clients, in
every restaurant in the world there will always be a healthier option. Choose the
healthiest one.

Another super important point is to understand that changing habits is a process and
that it takes time, for some people 2 months is enough to install a new habit, for others a
little less or even a little more. The main thing is to start the change little by little and
when you realize you will be a much more disciplined person and the result in the
physique will be a consequence of all this change.

What is training with you like? We know you work with renowned individuals across
many different fields who are high achievers. How does your style of work help them
reach their fitness goals?

Training with me is knowing that you will have the most efficient exercises in your
training routine, whether online or in person at the gym. It is also knowing that
everything that will be done has been meticulously calculated and planned for your
goals. Training with me is to be sure that I will always seek the best ways to help my client
achieve their goal according to their needs. I don´t like to invent exercises just to appear to
be a trainer who does different moves, I believe that the basics well done are what gives
the best result. For clients who train with me personally at the gym, they can have my
most demanding and careful side as a coach, in fact having a personal trainer by your
side to guide you, motivate you, help you overcome your own limits makes all the
difference in the results. All this in a safe and appropriate way.

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